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  • 2008
    • MYBOX team on board and setting up the lab etc.
    • NDS Harmoniser agreement for cable box.
  • 2009
    • First MPEG2 DVB-C zapper box H/W FTA on ST 5107
    • NDS CA porting done.
    • Conax license agreement signed and Ported with fingerprinting link ported.
    • First MPEG2 satellite box on ST 5107.
    • MPEG2 satellite box on ST 5189 and cable box on ST 5197.
    • MPEG2 satellite box Open TV VTS done and becomes first company in world to do it on ST 5189.
  • 2010
    • MyBox first PO from operator. A big moment in history of MyBox.
    • MyBox Conax SE qualified.
    • MPEG2 satellite box field trial samples made and OTA done and field testing done. Also finalisation of commercial launch software.
    • Launch commercially the product in market and worked to increase capacities and support for successful launch.
  • 2011
    • Development of next high end STB.
    • Development of MPEG2 box with USB PVR, got Open TV certification on the same as well.
    • Become a Govt. Recognised R&D Unit.
    • Conax approval for the MPEG2 box with USB PVR.
    • Development of optimised DVB-C solution.
    • Elcina-EFY award to My Box for its R&D capabilities and Entrepreneurial Excellence.
    • Filled patents as well.
  • 2012
    • Validation and approval from Conax for our cable boxes with option of USB PVR as well on cable.
    • Commercialising and selling DVB-C boxes to major MSOs of India on ST 5197.
    • Developed our own GUI to be customised and used in Boxes for different customers.
    • DTO boxes to broadcaster as well.
    • Modified and commercialised MPEG2 satellite box with external USB PVR functionality.
    • Shipping 1 MILLION SET TOP BOXES In Indian Market.
    • Started development of HD boxes for both Satellite and Cable Boxes.
    • Increasing capacities of Production gearing up for next year big growth.
    • Developing MPEG2 cable box with external USB PVR
  • 2013
    • Participated in our first major exhibition convergence 2013.
    • commercilisation of our own cable box with Conax with USB PVR and our own GUI for operator and sold in big numbers.
    • We started R&D full stream ahead on new platform of ST for MPEG4 HD and SD boxes for satellite and cable.
    • Developed MPEG4 HD cable box on Palma chipset and targeting conax certification.
    • Developed new mechanical and validation of old PB and started process.
    • Won certificate of Excellence 2012 for emerging organization of hte year by EFY.
    • Won Frost & Sullivan India Electronic Award -Entrepreneur company of the year.
    • Finished all internal work on NDS cable box and delivered to customer for field trial.
    • Signed up with 3 CAS – Irdeto and started integration.
    • Kicked off project for Hathway with moving towards external PS.
    • Also developing satellite box on cardiff.
    • Made our own more developed and better GUI for our cable operators.
    • Signed HDCP license.
  • 2014
    • Participated in convergence 2014 and Kerala cable exhibition 2014.
    • Conax CT and SE certification of HD Palma box.
    • Commercial deployment of HD boxes in market.
    • Launch of DTO boxes MPEG4 on Cardiff.
    • Commercial MPEG4 HD FTA boxes with CI on Cardiff.
    • Major new DTH client finalisation
    • Started work on HD cable on Irdeto cAS.
    • Fianlised HD and SD box on Novel Super TV CAS
    • Signed CDI license with NDS.
  • 2015
    • MyBox majority shareholding acquired by HERO ELECTRONIX, a HERO Group venture.
    • MyBox does successful field trials for DTH boxes HD for Airtel DTH.
    • MyBox signs up with Jabil Electronics, Pune for mfg. of DTH boxes, A global 3rd largest EMS in the world.
    • Tie up with top broadcasters for supply of DTO boxes.
    • Started project on MPEG4 SD boxes for cable market.
    • Expand team to take on the bigger market and new products.
  • 2016
    • Introduced Hisilicon Standard Definition MPEG 4 DVB Digital cable receiver
    • Mybox ventured into their first retail venture through Free to Air (FTA) STBs for the Indian market
    • Got associated with two new EMS houses with State of the art facility to cater to the increasing customer base across India
    • Won certificate for Business Excellence 2016 by EFY
  • 2017
    • Won certificate for Business Excellence 2016 by EFY
    • Launch of Android Box.


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