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A company of two strong partners in their own Arena and coming together to make a successful Venture.

HERO ELECTRONIX: new foray of BrijmohanLallMunjal-led Hero Group

  • Over US$ 5 Billion revenue with historic year on year growth of over 20% in past 10 years.
  • It is worlds largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world based out of India.
  • Hero has been a household name since 1950′s in India, synonymous with the words reliability and quality.
  • As a leader amongst Indian Brands with its customer centric products ranging from simple two wheeler transportation to complex product definitions, Hero has a keen sense of valuing relationships with both partners and customers.
  • Amongst the most respected Indian business houses with over 58 years of industry leadership.
  • The group has over 25,000 employees in its team.
  • Amongst the 8 Indian companies listed in Forbes Most Reputed 200 list.
  • Management style acclaimed by World Bank; INSEAD, France & London Business School.
  • Harvard Business School Award for Excellent Corporate Performance.
  • Spread across 12 segments including Automotives, IT, Education, Financial Services, Real Estate, Automotive Components, Infrastructure etc.

PALS Group

Represented by a veteran of the Industry with experience of 38 years. 20 years as Chief executive of two sunrise Industries. Have been associated with Electronics, Telecommunications, White goods and Broadcast and Media Industries. With immense global experience as well.

Telecom: instrumental in helping a Chinese brand be the first in Industry to enter where there has been a strong resistance to Chinese companies .

Media and Broadcast: In era of digitalisation the company has been instrumental in helping a korean STB company become a strong force to reckon within India among stiff competition with so many STB competitors. The owner has developed a box earlier as well in first leg of CAS in 2003.

Has a good network in the Industry and this strength of there is being updated with all the latest scenario and competitive information in the Industry.

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airtel digital tv
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ccn digital
bhima riddhi digital services
cnn ibn
in digital
kerala vision digital tv
mybox customer
siti digital
v4 digital
dhru lucky
mstar semiconductor
idukki vision
ambc digital
mybox customer
e digital
dish tv
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