Enhance Your TV Experience.

Do more with 90000+ Global Alexa skills!

Enhance Your TV Experience.

Do more with 90000+ Global Alexa skills!

Your customers can now experience Alexa with “MyBox Kit for Alexa Voice Service” on their Set-Top Box (STB). It consists of a USB hub (supported by Wi-Fi and BLE dongle) and a Bluetooth voice-activated remote that connects to your existing MyBox STB to enable Alexa with 90000+ Global Alexa skills!

The invention entitled “VOICE CONTROL METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INTELLIGENT LINUX SET-TOP-BOX SYSTEM” is covered under Indian Patent Application number: 201811040742

MyBox Kit for Alexa.

Smart Integration – So Many Possibilities

Stay Up To Date

See and listen to the latest Weather information, News, Recipes.

Voice Control Your STB

See Program Guide, Change channels, Change volume.

Control Your Smart Home

Control Smart Light and other Smart Appliances/Devices.


Play music of your choice on TV.

Make Bookings

Book Cabs, Flights, Movie Tickets and more!!!

Download The Manual

Just Ask Alexa.

What's in the news?

Here’s the latest from around the world.

What's tonight's Weather?

It’s warm and 26 degrees out there.

Let's Book a Flight

Opening Jet Airways for booking your flight.

Play latest Bollywood music

Playing the top chartbusters.

Alexa, play TED Talks

The best motivational talks from TED.

Play Hanuman Chalisa

Playing Hanuman Chalisa from Amazon Music.

Experience Alexa In Action

Alexa System Integrator.

Partner In Your Fast Paced Integrations

We are a certified Alexa AVS SI partner with ready-to-deploy yet customizable solutions. We help operators and ODMs to develop Alexa enabled go-to-market devices faster, at the same time empower the existing customer base through easy upgrade solutions.

MyBox, specializing in research & development and manufacturing of set-top boxes, develops and delivers hardware and software solutions for video platforms and IoT applications. As an AVS Solution Provider with a solution qualified by Amazon, MyBox is one of the first systems integrators to build an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) solution for the video platform.

MyBox’s solution allows set-top box manufacturers to bring the power of Alexa to their devices, in addition to other features and services providing customers with the simplicity of voice control and access to more than 90000+ Global Alexa skills!

The MyBox solution enables cable and DTH operators to bring Alexa to compatible, pre-existing set-top boxes. Paired with MyBox’s hub and microphone-equipped remote control, customers will have access to Alexa and the ability to control smart home devices, play music, shop for household goods, and more – hands-free. MyBox also provides customizable middleware (MyConnect) with a host of features and services for the entire pay-TV value chain.

We are listed on
Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Developer Portal
as an AVS Solution Provider.

More About AVS

Alexa Original Design Manufacturer.

Accelerated path to launch Alexa products with pre-qualified white-box solutions

MyBox has designed a solution that can add Alexa built-in to a set-top box (STB). The solution is available both as a retro fit for existing STBs and as an add-on to new devices. This MyBox Kit for Alexa solution, qualified by Amazon, comes as a USB hub with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongle inside, paired with a PTT BLE remote, and a client built with the AVS Device SDK integrated on a Linux based STB. MyBox’s solution gives customers access to Alexa, intuitively enabling voice as a mode of interacting with their STB.  Alexa Voice Service Display Cards have been implemented providing an integrated voice and visual user experience on a customer’s TV. This solution can also enhance the TV experience of a customer by letting them change channels, set volume and access other electronic program guide (EPG) features using voice.

As a video platform Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for the Alexa Voice Service, MyBox can supply white-box devices to Cable TV service providers, DTH operators, and STB & TV manufacturers to launch products with pre-tested qualified devices customized with required design and functionality.

Upgrade existing STBs with MyBox Kit for Alexa

Leverage in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability in new STBs, TVs & Home IOT devices.

Experience The Magic Of MyBox To Bring The Same To Your Customers

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